With us as your witness and you as ours...

There is a good chance you’ve seen the Belgium originated LA residents work before, whether it was the Altamont collab we featured this year on WT. Maybe you’ve seen his work around Venice, or LA, or Lisbon, or Tokyo, Prague, Slovakia, or Paris…the list goes on and on. Regardless The Art of Chase will continue to influence the world, in a refreshing, creative, colorful way.

Here is where it get’s exciting. We’ve been talking with Chase, and we’ve just confirmed this morning that The Art of Chase will be showing several of his pieces at GIVE GET. We can’t even express how excited we are for this event as Chase is one of 6 artists we will be featuring on this night. Ticket sales are limited and only purchasable online here: GIVE GET TICKETS 

Get yours now, this WILL sell out. 

and now we bring you back to The Art of Chase. enjoy.

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